Council Goals

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The City Council identified four goals for 2023-2025. These goals include:

    Reduce Houselessness: The City will continue to actively address houselessness in the Tigard community. Focusing on livability for all our community is a top priority. The City will renew its focus on supporting outreach and wrap around services through partners, available transitional housing, and support the business community to offset impacts.  

    Address Community’s Impact on the Climate: In 2023, Mayor Lueb and the Council will prioritize climate action that reduces the community’s impact on the climate crisis and makes the community resilient to the inequitable impacts of climate change. That will include strategies to mitigate the carbon pollution impact of City operation, engaging with homeowners and renters, and exploring additional incentive programs for the community. 

    Modernize and Improve City Services: The Mayor and Council also set a goal of continuing to advance key initiatives that will modernize the City operations and improve the services it provides for the public. That includes making progress on the City Facilities Modernization Project to have facilities that are more resilient, safer, and cost-effective with taxpayer dollars for the future. It also includes continuing to implement a new citywide software platform that will modernize core business systems – including finance, purchasing, fixed asset, inventory, human resources, and payroll systems. These initiatives will result in more modern facilities and services to meet the growing needs of the community.  

    Enhance Community Safety and Accessibility: The City’s current budget provides critical community safety services and investments, including additional hiring, specialized training in crisis intervention and de-escalation for Tigard Police officers, and safe routes to school improvements. In 2023, Mayor Lueb and the Council will prioritize additional community safety actions, including pedestrian safety and additional funding for law enforcement hiring, training, and accountability.  


    We will meet these goals through our community promise.

    1. EQUITY: WE will ensure just and fair inclusion where all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.
    2. ENVIRONMENT: WE will embrace sustainability to improve our natural resources and the livability of our community.
    3. ECONOMY: WE will be responsible stewards of the community’s financial resources entrusted to us.
    4. ENGAGEMENT: WE will involve all voices in our community while building trusting relationships.
    5. EXCELLENCE: WE will set high standards and strive to exceed community expectations.

    2023-2025 Council Goals