60th Anniversary

History in Tigard

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Tigard Festival of Balloons Returned in 2022


Our community identity is linked to the Festival of Balloons. Unfortunately, for two years, COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of this event, which had grown into one of Oregon’s largest and most popular family-oriented festivals. For two years, we were deprived of the always-impressive Night Glow, incredible live music from local bands, and the popular Festival of Cars.

It’s fitting that the Festival of Balloons returned in 2022 as the city celebrated its 60th anniversary. Along with festival activities, we will celebrate the city’s anniversary with a photo contest, giveaways, trivia, and special event programming.

Tigard Trivia

Show your knowledge of Tigard history by answering these trivia questions.

Tigard Trivia Card_01_Q Tigard Trivia Card_02_Q Tigard Trivia Card_03_Q Tigard Trivia Card_05_Q Tigard Trivia Card_06_Q Tigard Trivia Card_07_Q

Tigard: 60 Years and Counting

  • Time Capsule: Travel back in time and see how far we've come.

  • Video: 60 Years of Tigard History: Take a walk down the halls of Tigard History as we celebrate 60 years of being a city.

  • Walk and Stroll to the Tigard Main Street History Tour: Take a stroll down Tigard’s Main Street and learn about the history of the area in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

  • Visit the Tigard Heritage Trail and Outdoor Museum: Once a former railroad spur, the three-quarter-mile Tigard Heritage Trail is now a pathway for commerce and culture. Tigard’s Outdoor Museum includes three major artworks and a series of interpretive installations that tell the story of Tigard’s heritage.

  • Book it! Read 'Tigard' by Barbara Peterson: Tigard, Oregon began as a farming community on the Tualatin Plains in the Northern Willamette Valley and later became an upscale metropolitan residential community. The Native American Atfalati Kalapuyas interacted with early trappers, traders, missionaries, and pioneer settlers. Pioneers arrived in the 1850s to take up donation land claims.
60th Anniversary Stories
Women in Tigard Through the Ages
Historic Tigard Tidbits