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TIF Financial Impact Report 

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Tax Increment Financing Districts

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Tax increment financing (TIF) programs help fund projects that aid in the revitalization of Tigard’s two TIF Districts:

  1. City Center (Downtown) TIF District
  2. Tigard Triangle TIF District

TIF District programs are funded through tax increment financing generated in each area to fix identified problems in the same area. Each TIF District is guided by a tax increment financing (urban renewal) plan, and are administered by the Town Center Development Agency.

Approved by Voters: 2006
Expansion Approved: 2017
Indebtedness and Duration Extension Approved: 2021
Area Size: 228.96 acres
Plan Duration: 29 years (FY 2035-2036)
Maximum Project Funding Amount (Indebtedness): $42.8 Million


Fanno Creek Regional Trail

Goal 1: Revitalization of the Downtown should recognize the value of natural resources as amenities and as contributing to the special sense of place.

WES Commuter Rail
Goal 2: Capitalize on Commuter Rail and Fanno Creek as catalysts for future investment and development.
Burnham Street Improvements Goal 3: Downtown’s transportation system should be multi-modal, connecting people, places and activities safely and conveniently.
Tigard Street Heritage Trail Goal 4: Downtown’s streetscape and public spaces should be pedestrian- friendly and not visually dominated by the automobile.
The Knoll Goal 5: Promote high-quality development of retail, office and residential uses that support and are supported by public streetscape, transportation, recreation and open space investments.



City Center Building Improvement Program

The City Center Building Improvement Program provides matching grants for existing businesses and property owners in the City Center TIF District to make improvements to the exterior of their building. The program also funds interior improvements for restaurants or similar businesses that move into vacant commercial spaces. This program has previously supported renovations to projects at Tigard Taphouse, Symposium Coffee, Jeffrey Allen Gallery, and many others. Grant-funded projects have strengthened participating businesses and improved Main Street’s position as a walkable commercial district.



Key Accomplishments

  • $49.4M of private investment into property improvements and new construction in the City Center TIF District since 2006. Triple the amount of investment in the 12 years preceding tax increment financing.
    Data Source: Washington County

  • 2.6:1 leverage ratio of private to public investment into TIF District tenant and storefront improvements, meaning every $1 in grant funding has yielded $3 in private investment.
    Data Source: City of Tigard

  • 28 downtown businesses have received City Center Building Improvement program matching grants for interior or exterior building improvements.
    Data Source: City of Tigard

  • 234 new units of multifamily housing units constructed in downtown Tigard since tax increment financing was approved in 2006.
    Data Source: Metro

  • 32% increase in multifamily housing in downtown Tigard since 2006, compared to a 9% increase in the rest of Tigard.
    Data Source: Metro

  • 64% increase in assessed value in the City Center TIF District between 2006–2016, compared to a 56% increase in assessed value citywide.
    Data Source: Washington County
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