Business & Development

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We are led by our strategic vision—Tigard: an equitable community that is walkable, healthy, and accessible for everyone. Our team works to ensure that development and growth support our vision.

This work is focused around five objectives.

  1. Pursue land development that maximizes public health benefits while increasing connection between people and community destinations.
  2. Focus development-associated resources in parts of the city that have the capacity to serve, house, employ, and attract the most people with the least impact on Tigard’s natural systems and the climate. 
  3. Understand the effects of development on vulnerable Tigard residents and mitigate these impacts within projects and over time
  4. Proactively intervene as necessary to meet the housing needs of all community members.
  5. Plan and create in a manner that reduces climate impacts to the maximum extent practicable, especially for those most vulnerable.

Learn more about our work in this short video.