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National Community Survey

Surveying May 2023

Post Date:April 10, 2023 10:00 AM
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Tigard has partnered with Polco and the National Research Center to conduct the National Community Survey this May.

The survey is open to all Tigard community from May 23 - June 6.



The survey is a standard, benchmarking tool used by communities across the nation to gain a comprehensive understanding of the livability and satisfaction of government services from community members. A portion of the survey will randomly sample roughly 2,800 households by mail for the month of May 2023 then open to all those interested in taking in late May.

We are excited to hear from the Tigard community about our services and see how cities of similar size compare. Survey results will be presented to the city's leadership team and City Council in the summer. Questions? Contact Nicole Hendrix.

Questions from Community Members:

I already received the survey in the mail, should I also complete the open participation survey online?

If you received a survey invitation in the mail, it is very important that you complete that version (and access the survey using the URL provided in the mailed materials) rather than responding to the open participation survey/link. 

How are communities without internet access that are not randomly selected, and addresses that include more than one family, being represented?

For households where multiple families live, all household members will have the option to take the survey during our open participation portion of the survey at the end of May.

For community members without internet access and who aren’t randomly selected, paper copies of the survey will be available during open participation at the Tigard Public Library, apartment community rooms, and more. We will also have copies available at community gatherings such as the Farmers Market at Universal Plaza. Completed paper surveys can be mailed to 13125 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard OR 97723 Attn: Nicole Hendrix.

How random is the selection of households going to be?

Random selection was conducted by an independent third party, Polco, and not by the City. This was done to ensure that the survey is conducted in a fair and unbiased manner, and that every household in Tigard has an opportunity of being selected to participate. Additionally, the City will provide paper copies of the survey at various locations for those who don't have internet access and were not randomly selected. We hope that everyone who has the opportunity to participate in the survey will do so, as it will help us to better serve and meet the needs of the Tigard community.

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